We offer an all in one resource with regards to Curtains and Blinds. Whether you’re searching for something delicate, something conventional, something current or something strange, you’ll find the ideal match here. We just deal the greatest made-to-gauge blinds and curtains, so we give an assurance. The assurance covers all blinds from Wooden, Roller, Verticals, Romans, to Venetian Blinds. Everything from manual to mechanized blinds is across the board place. Consider factors like light control, security, support, and stylistic theme style while going with your choice. Streaming class of shades or the smooth, current usefulness of blinds, placing assets into quality window curtains can update the greatness and comfort of your home. With a predominant understanding of the features and considerations of curtains and blinds manufacture, you can find the ideal window curtains that suits your style and resolves your issues. We will involve you in the entire process of designing to ensure that the style and look of your homes exceed your wildest expectations with best curtains and blinds in Dubai. You can undoubtedly peruse our colossal assortment of curtain and blinds supplier from the solace of your home. Straightforwardly find your best curtain and blinds supplier in Dubai.

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Choose from a vast selection of patterned, planned and textured fabrics. We ensure our curtains meet our quality control standard. Curtains aren’t simply fabric from a pole; they’re extraordinary components that can upgrade the mood of any room. From adding warmth and surface to controlling light and security, shades assume a crucial part in inside plan. It is difficult a delightful and comfortable inside without curtains suppliers is hard. They help to differentiate the window stylistic layout and outwardly grow the space. The capability of shades is to control light transition and make a particular air in a room. Furthermore, with regards to plan, the window curtains become an all-powerful device.

At, My Cotton you can discover the entire range of made to measure curtains types. You can buy a customized suite of a chosen style for decorating windows in any room. We supplier quick delivery. Our specialists create unique products that will exceed your expectations. We work directly with the curtain wholesale fabrics. Curtain supplier in Dubai can be essential for ensuring you get quality products and excellent service.

Select The Curtains for Your Window

 A significant element while settling on a choice is to consider the spot you pick the shades for. For example, what suits a family room might be unimportant for a dining region. Along these lines, while picking curtains it is vital to about which room it is planned for. While selecting textures for Blackout curtains carefully, clients are keen on the thickness and kind of material. The utilization of single-variety texture is a flexible choice, since these curtains are reasonable for any home stylistic layout. We offer a unique collection of shades in curtains online in Dubai made with rich colors and emphasizing the one of a kind style of the premises in a house.

Types of Curtains

Curtains and Blinds suppliers in Dubai

There are following type of Curtains: 

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are perfect for or relaxing in the middle of the day in bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters, or any other area.

Wave curtains

Wave curtains are a contemporary alternative to curtain headings that produce a consistent, rippling appearance by directing the curtains along specific wave curtain tracks.

Window curtains

If you have any desire to add elegance and separation to your room, select from our broad scope of unmistakable and high quality window curtains.

Eyelet Curtains

A cutting edge plan that offers you accomplices to spice up the room with Eyelet Curtains.

Motorized Curtains

Motorized Curtains are those which use a motor to move them. These are very easy to install and do not include any manual work.

Livening room Curtains

Livening appearance of your living room will be enhanced by our living room curtains. It will also aid in the control of the room’s ambiance and natural light flow.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are produced using lightweight, clear textures that permit diffused light to channel through while giving negligible protection. They add a breezy, ethereal quality to any room.

 Thermal Curtains 

Thermal curtains are planned with protecting properties to manage room temperature by shutting unconscious drafts in winter and intensity in summer.

Cafe Curtains:

Cafe curtains cover only the bottom half or a portion of the window, providing privacy while allowing natural light to enter the room. They are commonly used in kitchens.

Pleated Curtains:

 Pleated curtains feature pleats that run vertically from top to bottom, creating a uniform, elegant curtains look.

Outdoor curtains

Outdoor curtains are another service that supplier in Dubai. These are curtains that add a specific value to your outdoor places.

Children Curtains

Children curtains that reflect your child’s personality and interests while also prioritizing safety and functionality.

Pencil curtains

Pencil Pleats curtains are common in types that are designed to furnish your rooms according your style.


You favor the exemplary class of wood blinds, the cutting edge flexibility of aluminum blinds, or the delicateness of texture blinds, there’s a style of blinds to suit each taste and space. By taking into account factors like material, light control, wellbeing, and upkeep, you can choose blinds that upgrade the usefulness and style of your home. Our completely estimated and fitted help guarantees an ideal fit for your windows, permitting you to control how much light and security in your home easily. Express farewell to the brightness and hi to a space that genuinely mirrors your style and character. As a main blinds supplier in UAE, we put vigorously in offering a wide extent of window prescriptions to take extraordinary consideration of various applications. Whether you incline toward the appeal of wooden wholesale blinds near me, the complexity of roller blinds, the style of Roman blinds, or the contemporary look of vertical blinds supplier in UAE. As a main blinds supplier in Dubai, we put vigorously in offering a wide extent of window prescriptions to take extraordinary consideration of various applications.

Specialist in Blinds

Find the most recent assortment of Window Blinds and drapery textures today at blinds shop near me. We have an extensive variety of window dressings for the rich look of your home. Our items are all of the greatest quality, solid and beautiful. Regardless of what your prerequisites are, from present day and contemporary to customary styles, with a great many decisions from aluminum, roman, roller and Power Outage Blinds, you’ll track down the ideal Window Covers for your home. Our expert group is extremely enthusiastic about what we do and their mastery assists you with finding the ideal window blinds Dubai for your home. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of blinds in Dubai. Give your windows the perfect look with our incredibly beautiful blinds supplier in UAE.

Types of Blinds

Curtains and Blinds suppliers in Dubai

Kids’ Blinds

Kids blinds is seep time become into the best time when you add one of our Kids’ power outage roller blinds to their room. The out of control plans assist with making a space they’ll cherish investing energy staying.

Motorized Blinds

If you want to get motorized blinds supplier in Dubai, MY Cotton is an excellent choice which provides all types of blinds.

Office Blinds

Office blinds are those which are designed only for office. You can get office-based blinds based on the discounts and your interest.

Duplex Blinds

Duplex Blinds is made of fabrics and mesh to make your windows and doors protective. These are transparent that make a beautiful view when looking at the outside.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds Wooden are those which are enhancing both the productivity and the beauty of your home.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds feature fabric panels that fold up in horizontal segments when raised, creating a neat stack at the top of the window.

Honeycomb/Cellular Blinds

Honeycomb or cellular blinds feature a unique cellular design that traps air within the cells, providing insulation and energy efficiency.

Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds consist of a single piece of fabric that rolls up and down around a tube.

 Duplex Blinds

Duplex Blinds are a modern take on window shadings. Operated by a chain system, these stylish shades have alternate strips of dim-out 

Fly screen Blinds

Fly screen blinds are suitable for use in various settings, including residential homes, apartments, and commercial buildings, where insect protection and ventilation are desired.

Shatter Blinds

Shatter blind might entail. If you have specific requirements or preferences in mind, feel free to provide additional details, and I’ll do my best to assist you further.

Difference Between Curtains and Blinds


Curtains are commonly made of fabric planes that hang from a shade pole over the window. They arrive in a great many textures, varieties, examples, and surfaces, considering customization to suit different stylistic layout styles.


Blinds consist of horizontal or vertical slats made of various materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, or fabric. The slats can be tilted or raised/lowered to control light and privacy.

Curtains offer differing levels of light control and security relying upon the texture type and thickness. Sheer curtains permit diffused light to enter while giving negligible security, while thicker draperies give better light-obstructing and protection.

Blinds offer precise control over light and privacy. The angle of the slats can be adjusted to allow in or block out sunlight, providing customizable levels of light control and privacy

Curtains are commonly worked physically by pulling them open or shut. A few curtains might highlight tie-backs or snares for holding them set up when open.

Blinds can be worked utilizing different instruments, including ropes, chains, wands or mechanization. These instruments consider simple raising/bringing down and shifting of the supports

Curtains are for the most part simple to keep up with and can be machine washed or laundered relying upon the texture type. A few shades might require periodic steaming or pressing to eliminate wrinkles.

Blinds moderately low-upkeep and can be effortlessly tidied or cleaned down with a soggy material. A few blinds might require incidental profound cleaning or oil of the working instruments