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Flat Sheets
Explore our selection of flat sheets in different thread counts, including sumptuous and fast-drying choices, to elevate your sleeping experience.
Fitted Sheets​
Fitted Sheets
Explore our extensive range of hotel-grade fitted sheets, offering a wide variety of sizes and options meticulously tailored to ensure a perfect fit for your beds.
Enhance your guests’ slumber with our premium hotel mattress toppers, meticulously crafted to guarantee unparalleled quality.
Duvet Covers
Duvet Covers
We provide premium bedding sets and duvet covers, meticulously crafted for the hospitality industry, ensuring unparalleled quality.
Discover our diverse hotel pillow collection, encompassing a broad range of premium natural and synthetic materials to cater to your unique preferences.
Discover our exquisite collection of pillowcases, thoughtfully designed with quality materials, featuring an array of designs that range from pristine white to chic linen patterns.
Mattress Toppers
Mattress Toppers
Elevate your guests’ sleeping experience with our superior hotel mattress toppers, carefully designed to ensure exceptional quality.
Bedding Protection
Bedding Protection

Safeguard your bedding from spills using our mattress, pillow, and duvet protectors, meticulously engineered to offer comprehensive coverage.

Bed Linen Wholesale Supplier​​

Are you in search of a trustworthy hotel bedding supplier in the UAE? Look no further than Our Trading! We are your ultimate destination for premium wholesale pillows, duvets, and bed linens, meticulously crafted for guest bedrooms in hotels, guest houses, and holiday cottages. Whether you desire hypoallergenic ultra-soft pillows or indulgent goose down duvets, our extensive selection caters to your every requirement.

Discover our exceptional collection, featuring a variety of exquisite options, such as seersucker bedding, Egyptian cotton bed linen, satin stripe hotel bedding, percale bed linen, and sustainable bedding alternatives. With a range of elegant colors, from contemporary shades to timeless classics, our hotel bedding adds a touch of sophistication to any environment.

Maintaining impeccable hygiene is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we offer waterproof mattress, pillow, and duvet protectors suitable for both home and hospitality use. With our products, you can ensure unbeatable cleanliness without compromising on comfort.

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of hotel-quality bedding with our meticulously designed range of pillows, guaranteed to provide a tranquil night’s sleep. Create a haven of relaxation and style in your bedroom or delight your esteemed guests with the ultimate comfort.

As leading wholesale suppliers in the UAE, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional products that meet the highest quality standards. Explore our captivating collection today and transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort, sophistication, and serenity. Experience the pinnacle of comfort and style with My Cotton!

Bed Linen Buying Guide

When it comes to travel, a good night’s sleep is essential, and the quality of bedding plays a vital role in achieving this. Whether you’re staying at a luxurious resort or a budget-friendly motel, the comfort and quality of bedding greatly enhance the overall travel experience. In this article, we will explore the world of hotel bedding and provide valuable insights to help you choose the best bedding for your next hotel stay.

Let’s begin by discussing the concept of thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. While a higher thread count is often associated with superior quality, it’s important to note that some manufacturers inflate thread count figures using a technique called “double-ply” without improving the actual fabric quality. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider not only the thread count but also the type of fabric used in the bedding.

Cotton is a popular choice for hotel bedding due to its durability, breathability, and softness. Egyptian cotton, in particular, is renowned for its luxurious feel and long-lasting nature, making it a preferred option for both hoteliers and travelers. Other fabrics commonly used for hotel bedding include linen, bamboo, and microfiber.

Apart from fabric selection, the weight and thickness of the bedding should be taken into account. Ideally, hotel bedding should be lightweight and breathable, facilitating proper airflow and temperature regulation throughout the night. However, it should also provide adequate warmth and comfort during cooler seasons. Of course, maintaining cleanliness is paramount when it comes to hotel bedding. Regular and thorough washing of hotel bedding using high-quality detergent and hot water is essential to effectively eliminate bacteria, allergens, and other irritants.

While choosing the appropriate size, color, or design for your bedding is relatively straightforward, there are numerous other decisions to consider. During your search for the perfect bed linen, you will encounter a wide range of fabrics, weights, thread counts, and finishes. We invite you to explore our comprehensive guide, which aims to help you make informed decisions that align with your personal preferences and requirements.

In conclusion, selecting the right hotel bedding is crucial for ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep during your travels. By carefully considering factors such as fabric type, thread count, weight, and cleanliness, you can create an optimal sleeping environment that enhances your overall hotel experience.


When you’re in the market for bed linen, the multitude of fabric choices can feel overwhelming. It’s crucial to carefully select the fabric that best fits your individual needs. Each fabric has unique characteristics, including warmth, cooling properties, and overall texture against the skin. To help you navigate the options, we have outlined some commonly used fabrics for bed linen below.


Cotton is a highly favored fabric for bed linen due to its exceptional breathability, soft texture, and impressive durability. It allows for proper airflow, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleeping experience, especially in warmer weather. Cotton bed linen is also renowned for its ease of maintenance and is offered in a variety of weaves, such as percale or sateen.


This specific fabric brand is highly recognized for its eco-friendliness, as it requires fewer natural resources during its production compared to cotton. Made from wood pulp obtained from eucalyptus trees, this fabric may have slightly lower breathability compared to cotton. However, it makes up for it with exceptional durability, luxurious softness, and inherent antimicrobial properties.


When used on its own, this synthetic fabric can sometimes feel scratchy and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is frequently blended with other fabrics, particularly cotton, to improve its overall properties. Polyester, known for its affordability, offers excellent stain resistance and durability. Although cotton is generally more breathable, polyester is often used in affordable children’s bedding as it can withstand heavy use and maintain its quality over time.


Flannel is a type of fabric created by brushing cotton fibers, resulting in a luxuriously soft and fluffy texture. It is highly regarded for its excellent warmth and is especially suitable for bedding sets designed for the colder winter months.


Pure bamboo sheets are not commonly found in the market because they have a naturally rough and stiff texture, which is not considered desirable for bedding. However, bamboo can undergo a series of processes to be transformed into rayon, resulting in a fabric that is not only breathable and durable but also has a soft and silky feel. This modified bamboo rayon is often used to create bedding options that are both comfortable and luxurious.


Silk has rightfully earned its reputation for being synonymous with luxury, and it’s not hard to understand why. This exquisite fabric is renowned for its natural hypoallergenic properties, providing a soothing and cooling sensation. Its smooth and sensuous texture is undeniably one of its most alluring qualities. However, it’s worth mentioning that silk is a premium material that comes with a higher price point and requires delicate laundering to maintain its long-lasting quality.

Blended Fabrics

Blended fabrics, such as cotton/polyester, cotton/bamboo, and cotton/rayon, are widely available, with cotton often being a component of these blends. These fabrics are valued for their affordability, wrinkle resistance, and durability, making them popular choices for children’s bedding. When selecting bed linen, some people opt for lighter weight fabrics in the summer, while others prefer heavier fabrics for the winter. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual preferences and specific comfort requirements.


The weight of your bed linen is an important factor in determining the quality of your sleep. It is influenced by the type of fabric and the construction of the bedding. Considering the weight of your bed linen becomes particularly significant when selecting it for different seasons.

In the summer months, it is recommended to choose lighter weight bed linen. This allows for better breathability and airflow, promoting a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience on warmer nights. On the other hand, during the winter season, heavier fabrics provide added warmth and insulation, creating a cozy and snug sleep environment.

Ultimately, the decision to opt for lighter or heavier bed linen weight depends on personal preference. Some individuals may have a preferred weight regardless of the season. Exploring different weights and experimenting with various fabrics can help you find the perfect balance for your specific sleep needs.

Thread count

Thread count refers to the number of threads intricately woven into each square inch of fabric used in bed linens. A higher thread count indicates a tightly woven fabric, which provides a smoother, softer, and more luxurious feel to the bedding. Additionally, bed linen with a higher thread count tends to maintain its quality over time and may even become softer with repeated use. Generally, a high thread count ranges from 200 to 800 threads per square inch.


In addition to fabric, weight, and thread count, choosing the right finish for your bed linen is crucial for achieving the desired texture, durability, and ease of maintenance. The chosen finish greatly influences the color, texture, and style of your bedding, allowing you to find the perfect match for your bedroom decor. It’s important to give careful consideration to the finish to ensure that your bed linen complements the desired aesthetic and enhances the overall ambiance of your sleep sanctuary.


Jacquard fabric is skillfully crafted on a loom, with intricate patterns intricately woven into the fabric. This weaving technique not only adds an air of elegance to Jacquard but also enhances its durability when compared to other woven fabrics. What sets Jacquard apart is its versatility, as it can be made from a variety of natural and synthetic fibers, allowing for a diverse range of compositions and distinct characteristics.


The unique name of waffle fabric stems from its distinct weave pattern, resembling the grid of a delicious waffle. This exceptional texture sets the fabric apart and contributes to its distinctive appearance. Known for its soft touch and smooth feel, waffle fabric is highly coveted and finds versatile applications in various contexts.


Fabric printing is the artistic practice of applying designs, pictures, or patterns directly onto the fabric’s surface. This creative process allows for the creation of unique and personalized textiles. Through the use of specialized techniques and advanced equipment, the selected design is transferred onto the fabric, resulting in visually captivating and durable prints. Fabric printing offers endless possibilities for artistic expression, as it enables the faithful replication of a wide range of colors, shapes, and intricate details. Whether employed in fashion, home decor, or artistic pursuits, fabric printing serves as a versatile and dynamic medium to bring imaginative designs to life.


Created with utmost attention to detail, this airy fabric exhibits an enchanting striped design meticulously woven to perfection. The alternating stripes effortlessly combine smooth and textured materials, resulting in a captivating tactile sensation. Delicately embracing a naturally wrinkled appearance in certain areas, it enhances the fabric’s visual appeal and adds a charming touch. The impeccable craftsmanship of this textile showcases a seamless blend of textures, patterns, and a relaxed yet captivating aesthetic, making it an incredibly versatile and captivating choice for a wide range of fashion and interior design endeavors.


True to its name, this fabric features an enchanting weave that forms a delightful pattern of squares, reminiscent of beloved waffles. The waffle fabric boasts a soft and velvety texture, invitingly pleasing to the touch. Crafted with meticulous care, this textile not only showcases a visually captivating design but also guarantees a luxurious tactile experience. Its unique waffle-like structure adds an element of elegance and comfort to a wide range of applications, including garments, beddings, upholstery, and accessories.


Sateen finishes have gained popularity in the realm of bedding as an affordable alternative to silk. These fabrics are expertly woven to create a luxuriously smooth surface on the top, while the underside remains plain. When it comes to choosing bed linen, there are numerous factors to consider. In addition to aligning with your bedroom decor and personal preferences, the choice of fabric, thread count, weight, and finish can all significantly impact your bedding experience.

Texture preferences, whether you desire a silky soft feel or a different tactile experience, along with considerations for warmth or cooling properties, affordability or durability, and a touch of luxury, all come into play when selecting the perfect bedding. The finish of the bed linen, including its appearance and tactile qualities, also holds great significance. With so many elements to consider, making a decision can indeed be a challenging task.

In conclusion, hotel bedding plays a crucial role in shaping the quality of your travel experience. When choosing bedding for your next hotel stay, it is essential to consider factors such as fabric type, weight, thickness, and cleanliness. By selecting the right bedding, you can ensure a comfortable and restful night’s sleep, regardless of your travel destination.

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