Luxurious towels have become an essential element in hotel bathrooms, adding a touch of elegance and comfort. Our extensive collection of towel sets is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using the finest yarns and undergoing rigorous quality control procedures. From small, white cotton hand towels to generously sized bath towels, our range caters to every bathroom requirement. Elevate the standards of your hotel by investing in our wholesale luxury hotel towels and other bath linens. For a personalized touch, explore our selection of embroidered linens and find the perfect addition to complement your towels. My Cotton General Trading LLC is the Top Best Towels Supplier in UAE. Start shopping with us today and discover the pinnacle of opulence for your hotel’s bathroom.

Towels Types​

Bath Towels

Discover our 100% cotton bath towels, designed for quick and efficient drying after bathing. Available in various colors and sizes for your convenience.

Spa Towels

Our spa towels are generously sized, comparable to bath sheets, ensuring full body coverage. Soft and highly absorbent, they effectively whisk away sweat for a refreshing feel.

Gym Towels

Gym Towels

Our gym towels are compact yet absorbent, perfect for wiping away sweat during workouts. Made from microfiber material, they offer excellent moisture absorption.

Beach Towels

Our beach towels are generously sized and lightweight, ideal for extended sun-soaked days. They offer quick drying properties and are suitable for use on sand or concrete surfaces.


We offer cozy fleece bathrobes for winter warmth and lightweight options for summer comfort.

Hotel Towels

Our towels boast premium cotton for superior absorbency, softness, and fluffiness.


Component Inches Centimeters
Face Washer13 x 1333 x 33
Hand Towel18 x 26   &  16 x 3045 x 65
Bath Towel28 x 55  &   27 x 5470 x 140
Queen Towel30 x 5676 x 143
Bath Sheet35 x 6390 x 160
Bath Mat24 x 35  &  20 x 3460 x 90
Decorator Mat31 x 2080 x 50
XL Runner Decorator Mat47 x 20120 x 50


Rest assured, our high-quality towels are machine washable, retaining their softness, color, and structure with ease.

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